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Enjoy! Production Team! Java / Bedrock v1.20.1


BUYCRAFT AVAILABLE! Visit our page on to purchase Donator Packs! (Temporarily unavailable...)

Chunk TV! is an media organization that supports The Zeitgeist Movement and The Venus Project.

Production Team! is our Minecraft server!

Server supports PC Java and Windows Edition, PSN, Xbox, Switch, and Mobile!

Mostly we're an 18+ community. We make videos, feature builds and definitely like getting to know players. We've got a great community and we'd be glad if you'd like to come join us!

Forum: (coming soon)

Discord: TBA

Respect admins
Play fair
I'm not even going to list things like no spamming because that's common sense.
Disputes will be moderated via in-world Court.

Server Location: U.S. East

Owner: Chunk_TV

Also please like our FB page for updates and easy contact with owners and admin!

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