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IP du serveur
Site Web pvpsmash.com
Discord Discord
Statut Unknown
Dernière PingMonitoring disabled
Version Latest All Any
Type FullPvP PVPRAIDING Faction Survival Vanilla Survival Op skyblock Survival Op Custom Mobs Anarchy Arcade
Emplacement United Kingdom
Dernière mise à jour25 Feb 2023
Date d'inscription11 Dec 2022


We are a Unique Minecraft PvP Server Network.

  1. Java IP: hub.pvpSmash.com

  2. Bedrock IP: play.pvpSmash.com

  • 💎Vote for our Server Network!💎
  • Version: 1.17.x - 1.19.x
  • 420 Slots.
  • Bedrock and Java Support.
  • 🌈Quests ❖ Dungeons ❖ McMMO.
  • ❖ PvP and Raids ❖ Custom Maps ❖ Custom Mobs.
  • 🎁Regular Events ❖ Player Parties.
  • ❖ Fantasy RPG, and much more!


Developer JAVA
Versed in:
Linux remote environments
CLI, SSH, FTP, etc.

- Part-time-PAID is available also.
- Prior experience with apache, web servers, plugin configurations
- basic understanding of networking, etc.
- proxies, reversed proxies.
- Minecraft server deployments (not development)