Xan Factions Alpha

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Discord Discord
Statut Unknown
Dernière PingMonitoring disabled
Version 1.18.2
Type Faction Survival Skills Skyblock Balanced Economy Pets Mounts
Emplacement United States
Dernière mise à jour29 Oct 2022
Date d'inscription24 Oct 2022


Xan is developing a new server that is mainly focused on competing in a factions universe. This server is not aiming to be another OP factions massive scale bucket gen 300$ rank type of deal. It is also not aiming to be a featureless and barren wasteland where there is nothing to do. It is aiming to provide an environment where mini games such as mob arena, rpg elements such as quests/dungeons/skills, and vanilla elements can all be used to steadily progress to different levels of wealthiness and power.

The factions server will operate on a 6 month season.

The only rules are rules that are necessary for the fairness, function, and balance of the server, anything that doesn't negatively impact those things is allowed.

  1. Say whatever you want in chat, but no spamming.
  2. When hacking you will be temp-banned for 3 weeks and your faction members will be disqualified from winning any end of season prizes.
  3. Alternate accounts are allowed.
  4. Maximum faction power is 80. Using multiple factions to claim larger areas of land is not allowed.
  5. Betrayal is allowed but not encouraged.
  6. Autofishing is not allowed, rewards from fishing are good and will make you money worth actively fishing if that's what you are into, but get caught autofishing and you will be exempted from any end of season prizes and temp banned for 1 week.

Maps have a world border of 3500 and the season starts out at 2 maps. When a map starts to become overpopulated a new map can be created and will look completely different from the map before it due to custom map generation using a preset with over 500 biomes. There will also be default generated worlds though.

Current plugins/mods usable by player:
Factions, Essentials, Shop, MobSpawnerStacker, AureliumSkills, Blackjack, TopPlayers, BottledExp, CombatLog, Duels, InfernalMobs, MobArena, UltraCosmetics, RTP, Chatbubbles, CustomCommands

Server Specs:
i11-11600kf @5.1GHz
18CL 4000MHz 32GB Ram
Nvidia 2070 Super
When/if the server becomes inadequate we will be expanding our servers with Amazon Web Services which is already configured and ready to go.

$$$Season Prizes$$$:
At the end of the season, currently April 30th, 2022, prizes will be distributed to top players. This includes in-game roles/titles, hall of fame entry, and cash prizes. The cash prize is currently a pool of $335. The majority of this prize will be distributed to players who hold the most "prize tokens" at the end of the season, which are non-stackable, stealable tokens that are purchasable up until the last week of the season. This system will have to be further fleshed out and implemented, but that is expected to be the truth 3 months from now when the season ends.