Wrath of the shinobi

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Version 1.7.10
Type Modded Naruto shinobi cracked Godaros aternos smp mods adventure
Emplacement Portugal
Dernière mise à jour25 Aug 2022
Date d'inscription25 Aug 2022


  1. Hi everbody, I'm advertising my naruto mc server using Mathioks naruto mod! Its free to play! And we have some events upon time! Cracked minecraft can join aswell! We have: •A friendly community. •A map with all Villages . •A npc grindind system. •Bosses and a custom story •U can be a Kage or even be from akatsuki! Its ur choice good or evil. I ill see u there Our Discord:https://discord.gg/MTpz5BdRMb

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