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Version Latest 1.19
Type MMO Anarchy Survival Events raiding Quests Multiplayer Survival Economy
United Kingdom
Dernière mise à jour30 Jul 2022
Date d'inscription15 May 2022


Plugin Land SMP

Plugin Land Smp - Uptime 100% *USE DISCORD FOR HELP OR SUPPORT*

This Semi-Anarchy, Plugin crazy server is all about having fun & building a community! I want this server to be created & updated mainly by YOU the player 😎 I will be working hard to keep adding new Content, Events, Updates & suggestions from the community!

🌟Many Features🌟
- Come start your own guild or with friends! Build & expand your guild base to become the strongest on the server 💪 Only guilds can claim land Guild Leaders can start WARS with other guilds ⚔️ & Guild members share a guild vault to keep your most precious items safe 🔒 Or just join a guild already made on the server 😉
- Take part in some Custom staff made quests 🛡️ Earn Xp, Levels, In-Game Cash, Custom Items & much more! 😜 I will be constantly adding now quest and custom items throughout the life of this server 😎
- Easy transport around the server map using Warps 🌌 Staff set warps can be accessed through /gwarp list ✔️ Up to 10 Home warps can be set for Free players & 20 for Premium Server players 🏠
- Free & Premium Battle Pass ✨ Come with Daily, Weekly & Monthly challenges complete to be rewarded well 🤑
- Companions 🐕 For free & Premium players! Premium Players will be able to use all companions on server! 👑 *Plugin is currently broken will be fixed ASAP*
- Join our Discord to keep up to date with server updates ⏫ The servers Chat 💬 And join exclusive giveaways 🎁
- Return DAILY for rewards 📅 using the /rewards commands 😉
- Easier Enchanting Anywhere with /Enchant 🗡️ Use In-game Cash or Xp ⭐ 💠PREMIUM PLAYERS ONLY💠
- Large easy to use server Map using DYMAP 🗺️ Check it out click or put into your browser
- Custom items! ⛏️ Never seen before items on this server! God Sword, Highway Man Pickaxe, Fast parkour boots & Many more & a hell lot more to come 😁
- In-Game currency 💰 Called Fe gain it to buy items from the many Merchants/Shops in the server 🛒 Use it for enchanting if your 💠Premium💠 Gain extra by voting for the server 1m per vote! 💰 Become the richest in our server! 😎
- Become a Wizard 🧙‍♂️ Thats right if you are a 💠PREMIUM PLAYERS💠 You will be able to use Magic wand to do some intense magic spells! Also use the Magic bow & sword! 🗡️ Some Features in the plugin free player will be able to use!
- Train your skills with all the Mcmmo skill we have available 🥊 Training skill will make you Stronger, Faster & More resilient to damage 💪
*Our Mobs are Levelled so so make so you do train abit to stay alive easier!*
- Convert In-Game Cash 💰 to xp ⭐ So you dont have to much cash 😁 💠PREMIUM PLAYERS💠
- Don't forget to get some help when you start with Playerkits ⚔️ /kits Theres free kits & some premium kits for premium players!
- We are using PowerRanks System 👑 We are always looking for players to receive a rank & not just be a Basic members! Many Ranks to choose from like Highway patrol, Builder, Vip & There are staff spots available! Staff applications open on our website 📝
If you would like any features added please leave in the #Serversuggestion channel!

Thanks for reading hope to see you in game 😎

2. No Bullying, Racism or Hate Speech!
3. No Spamming Chat!
4. Do not obstruct Admins or Building from completing tasks!
5. Have Fun

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-Someone who has a advanced knowledge on how to play Minecraft
-Must be polite in any circumstances
-Must not be inactive for a total of 7 days at a time without reason