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Statut Online
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Type Multiplayer Survival landclaim slimefun playerwarps NoP2W
United States
Dernière mise à jour31 May 2022
Date d'inscription02 May 2022


Good Afternoon, Morning, or Night everyone! its been a long time making this server and we hope you enjoy it. Not everything is finished and plugins, shops, and areas are still heavily under developed. Most quality plugins cost money and time to properly get, apply, and set up. So bare with us in our early days as out server opens its new wings. I would like to thank our Play-testers, Staff, and Owner for helping make this all possible. More plugins and shops are going to be added in the future as our server settles into its nest and grows a healthy player base. The End will be locked for a few days so no one can rush the ender-dragon and kill it day one. When the end is unlocked we will hold and event for it so everyone has a fair chance at killing the dragon. Our spawn will evolve over time based on player actions, so will the economy and shops. I hope everyone has a great time on the server and makes the most of what we currently offer. Welcome to Prosperity!

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03 May 2022