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Statut Online
Dernière Ping9 minutes 19 seconds ago
Version 1.18.2
Type Adventure Economy Roleplay Quests Balanced Economy
Dernière mise à jour11 Jul 2022
Date d'inscription01 Apr 2022


Mizuriel is a roleplay/adventure map with a side of survival for idle times or chill times.

We feature awesome quests and world building, where you can be part of a growing story that our community creates!


Are you a player that enjoys building?

Our server uses Mizuno's 16 Craft Resourcepack for the world.

Mob griefing is off, along with firespread.

We also have features to protect land using our own take on land claiming system!


Want to be a merchant in the world?

We do not allow villagers in the server in hopes of making a playerbased market!

With some items only obtainable through the market, it creates a diversity with how players want to manage selling and buying goods

The server also uses currency in physical form, so don't expect virtual currency in game!


While we don't have the Nether and End dimensions unlocked normally, we offer and encourage players to roleplay for immersion in the world!

Questing, dungeons, and relics await you in the world of Mizuriel!

All credits to Mizuno for the Mizuno's 16 Craft Resourcepack

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