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IP du serveur
Site Web minegard.net
Discord Discord
Statut Unknown
Dernière PingMonitoring disabled
Version Latest
Type Survival Dungeons Mobarena Land Claim PvP Survival Player Ranks Player Warps Player Shops Custom Items Custom Plugins
Emplacement France
Dernière mise à jour28 Mar 2022
Date d'inscription04 Aug 2021


Minegard is a new 1.18.2 Survival Server!

We have player shops, land claims, custom dungeons, mob arenas, and even custom items! Ranks & donor ranks that give great privileges in game!

★ Unique, completely custom plugins created specifically for Minegard!
★ Jobs
★ Quests
★ Premium Currency
★ Lands
★ Custom Items
★ Custom Enchants
★ Active Staff
★ Custom Tags

On Minegard, you can create nations and wage war on your neighbours or live in a peaceful, harmonious village with friends.

The world is yours to conquer! What kind of ruler will you be?