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Statut Online
Dernière Ping18 minutes 22 seconds ago
Version 1.7.10
Type SMP Hardcore FullPvP Land Claim LandProtection Siege 3 Lives Give Lives Community Teams
United States
Dernière mise à jour22 Sep 2021
Date d'inscription24 Jun 2021


1.17.1, Hard difficulty, Login Security, and with Grief Prevention plugin. This will allow member to stake claims that will be grief protected (I do not know about the moss bone meal though, give yourself plenty of barrier) to make some more creative builds. For each hour the player will be given 128 more blocks to grow their claim, up to 32k claim blocks. 3 lives then ban for 14 days, the expiration of all claims is at 14 days of inactivity... this will allow raids and looting on inactive claims. May have to defend, reclaim, or start over depending upon the wills of the game and players in trust. PVP is on with the exception of the admin claim at world center. PVP is on even inside claims so keep your bases well defended with doors and walls. Dead Souls will keep your loot safe where you last died, but only for a short while before it becomes available for someone else to pick up. Heads are collectable. 5120 x 5120 block world border and should be perfectly lined with the outer chunk borders. There is The Nether, but no End.

To claim a area, just plop down a chest, or use a wooden-shovel to mark out your X and Y for the amount of claim blocks you can/want to claim. Use the wooden-shovel to grow and resize the claim. 2 claims per player.


Progress on players will/may be recorded for youtube videos...
15 max players right now, but we may need to cut that down, depending on lag and such.


1. No Cheats or Hacks
2. No Alts
Perm ban if caught.
3. No Excessive cursing or using racial slurs
Warnings then ban if necessary.

Strategy Tips:

If your first spawn is at night, know that you're not going to outrun mob spawns. There are two real options, bunny hole till morning, or log out and come back when it is in the day, check the Moon for approximate time. Unless you are in full iron with a decent weapon, the night is extremely dangerous and there are some zombie hordes, so unarmored and unarmed will quickly fall. It is on HARD difficulty.

Be weary in others claims including the admin claim at world center, as there is no building or breaking in other's claims, leaving you vulnerable to attack without the ability to build up or build walls.

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