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Statut Unknown
Dernière PingMonitoring disabled
Version Latest 1.17
Type Creative Survival Parkour Kitbattle Mobarena Survival Games Skywars Balanced Economy Family Friendly Shop
Emplacement United States
Dernière mise à jour09 Aug 2022
Date d'inscription16 Apr 2021


Have you been constantly trying to find a good active server with friendly and cool members? I know the frustration. Hoping on so many servers, they are either inactive, or plugins are broken or permissions are not properly set up. Well, you don't have to search anymore because on Fancycraft we have you covered with great plugins, no bugs and active members and friendly staff. We wanted to make a server that doesn't have all those problems. and build a great community of awesome people that care about each other.

You can finally feel like home! make new friends, Join our discord that syncs Minecraft chat so you can chat to players on the server even if you are not on the server. if you go traveling you can connect with pocket edition and all your inventory and saves and progress will carry! you can also join with Minecraft bedrock edition on windows 10 or Xbox!

What we have?

+ Creative plots with WorldEdit access for your convenience. you can claim more than one plot and merge them to massive plot.

+ Survival: This is not a typical boring survival. We created a balanced economy that you can sell your in-game items and buy almost all Minecraft items from the shop using "/shop" command. this can improve your experience enjoying selling and buying and of course land claim to protect your build.

+ Parkour: We have 10 custom parkour maps built by our fan players! You probably haven't seen anything like it before. Checkpoints work great and you can even continue your progress if you didn't finish it when you reconnect it will put you back to your previous checkpoint. The cool thing is the reward you get for finishing parkour is in-game coins that you can use those coins in survival server to buy things from shop! Yes coins are synced cross-server and can be earned by doing various activities such as playing parkour or voting. then spend it to buy perks ranks and kits.

+ KitPvP: This it the most fun part of our server. why you ask? remember you earn coins? well, you can use them here to buy cool kits to fight with other players. No lame VIP permissions for ranked players only. ALL players can spend their coins to buy any Kit. simple and cool. maps are custom built by our builder team. you'll have so much fun here. trust me.

+ MobArena: Ever feel like to fight the annoying mobs? here you can take revenge! Play solo or with your friends. its up to you. there are kits here too and yes you can use those coins that you earned from any server to use better kits to fight the mobs here. And of course, you earn coins in each wave as you progress in MobArena. Use those coins on any server like survival to buy things from shop or KitPvP to purchase kits with your in-game coins.

+ SurvivalGames: Oh yes the classic. Everyone is on their own. Search for resources in chests and fight other players. Its always fun and even admins play this very often. Who doesn't enjoy survival games haha!

+ SkyWars: This is the same as SurvivalGames but each player is on their own island. you gotta be quick to mine and craft items from limited resources you have on your island and get to others before they get to you! last player alive wins and yes! earns coins.

+ SkyBlock: This is same like Survival Server but you spawn on an island alone by your self. you gotta survive and build things from limited resources that you have. This server is currently under development and will be released soon.

Okay. ready to come join? maybe you'll like our server maybe not but I promise you its worth checking out. You won't be disappointed :)

You can join us with the IP:

Our website is the same

See you there!