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Discord Discord
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Statut Unknown
Dernière PingMonitoring disabled
Version 1.16.5
Type Survival Balanced Economy Trading Player Shops No Griefing Community Discord Plugins
Dernière mise à jour05 Apr 2021
Date d'inscription05 Apr 2021


Welcome to Hakairo.de!

Looking for a wholesome survival server with a variety of gameplay? Hakairo might be the place for you! With the help of our welcoming and diverse community we offer a Minecraft experience for all ages and gameplay tastes. Find the perfect spot to build your base, visit our public areas for trading, shops and minigames, become a true warrior in our community-built PVP arena, make a business, build your own shop, paint your own pixelart, or explore and go on the hunt for adventure; anything is possible.


Hakairo.de is currently one year old. It was private for most of that time and went public in November 2020. Since then we have welcomed players from all over the world! It is constantly in development, adding new features and overhauling existing systems!

Gameplay and Plugins

We offer a huge variety of non-invasive plugins. What this means is that you could play the game entirely in vanilla but if you want to explore other gameplay options, there is a a lot of things you can explore. No mods or texture packs needed. Difficulty setting: normal. We strongly oppose pay-to-win systems and will never offer any advantages when it comes to potential donations in the future of the server. To prevent griefing, TNT is currently disabled. There are commands to protect your chests, armorstands and other containers as well as doors. PVP is disabled by default and can be enabled upon user command (consensual PVP only).


Our in-game currency can be used to buy or sell items from our shop plugin that includes basic blocks, ores, tools and food. Prices within this shop change automatically depending on supply and demand to self-balance. Players can make their own easy-to-create chest-shops to sell, buy or exchange items. Chest-shops can be built anywhere on the map, but players can also buy a plot at our Market warp where a shop may be build to sell any items of choice for the desired price. In-game currency can also be used to send and receive money to and from each other, sell items directly in the auction house, purchase your favourite songs with our musicbox plugin or buy decorative player heads from head database.

A small taste of some of our plugins (check our discord for more info):

  • Minigames - Build Battle, Droppers, Spleef (more to come)!

  • Telecraft - Craft your own teleportation blocks instead of using commands!

  • Fishing Overhaul - Find different fish in different biomes with different tiers, sell-prices and upgrade options!

  • Map-Art - Sit down at your easel and paint your own pixel-art paintings!

  • Brewery - Brew, ferment and age your own brews and get wasted! (use with caution, hilarity might ensue)

  • Musicbox - Buy more than 150 custom music disks with popular songs for your jukebox

  • Furniture - Craft custom furniture with custom recipes that you won't find on any other server!

Our Community

We have a relatively small but close-knit community that we are very proud of with users of all ages and nationalities. We use Minecraft to Discord Cross-chat and have an active Discord. Our staff team currently consists of the server-owner and 3 mods, all around the age of 24. It's important to us that everyone can have a good time playing on Hakairo. Using fair judgement we protect a safe and fun atmosphere for all players. Don't hesitate to ask any of us for help if you need it, whether it's technical help or in-game support. We are always open to suggestions and feedback from our community. We are excited to welcome new members to keep building and expanding with so we can grow and bring even more fun to Hakairo!


We are currently playing in version 1.16.5 on a normally generated map (world border at 20K, pregenerated.) There are 4 general directions our spawn takes you to (snow, savannah, forest, badlands) and 2 warps (Market and Minigame Lobby). You are free to build anywhere on the map. While there is still plenty of building space you can come across many bases around the map, some big and some small, some with multiple players and some who go at it solo. Together we have built multiple community farms and like to help each other out by trading whenever possible.


Rules are pretty basic on our server. Don't grief or use hacks. Stick to english, be nice to other players, and use some common sense. Upon accessing the server for the first time users must agree to the rules in order to play. Staff will take appropriate measures where needed.

Server Address

Your new home is waiting for you on Hakairo.de ! Everyone is welcome. Drop by and let us know what you think so we can help you have the best Minecraft experience we have to offer!


For more info on the server and our community, join our Discord.

Any questions? Let us know through Discord or by leaving a comment down here.

See you soon on Hakairo.de!