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Statut Unknown
Dernière PingMonitoring disabled
Version 1.16.5
Type Survival Creative Vanilla Whitelist Mature Family Friendly Application Entry
United States
Dernière mise à jour23 Jun 2021
Date d'inscription18 Mar 2021


Welcome to the WolfCraft Gaming Community. gaming community aimed at providing players with a casual, engaging and mature environment in unwind and have fun. Our community is centered around our three Minecraft Servers:


SURVIVAL (play.wolfcraftmc.com)

This is the server your after if your looking for a near-perfect vanilla experience while being assured that your builds and actions are protected. Additionally, you will find many game-play easing datapacks that help make some challenging tasks easier to accomplish. These datapacks are voted for by the community and are evaluated regularly to ensure our server meets our player's expectations. This world is regularly reset (Called Seasons) in-sync with major Minecraft Updates to provide players a fresh start to explore new game content. Furthermore, each season we have a dedicated district for Shopping where players can builds shops to sell or buy items for diamonds (Our main currency) or in trade for other goods. This and much more can be found when playing on our Survival Server!

CREATIVE (creative.wolfcraftmc.com)

Want to explore the creative boundaries of Minecraft with others? Then this is the server for you. Our creative server offers players with a vast expansive flat-world where you can freely collaborate with friends on projects, plan your future bases, or have a little fun.

MODDED (CURRENT MOD: QTECH**)** (modded.wolfcraftmc.com)

Need a place to get away from the vanilla experience or recharge your batteries after a long build? Our new modded server is now open for business. With this server we provide our players with new engaging game-play options that help expand the creative horizons of possibilities in Minecraft. With new mod's voted for by the community every few months, you can be assured to always have something new to experience.


Here are some other server & community features you can gain access to by joining WolfCraft (Full List of Features Here):

  • Discord Access: Our official Discord Server is the central hub for WolfCraft and all its members. This is a happening place where you can relax, connect with other members, ask questions or even share your work for other to see.

  • International and Diverse Community: The WolfCraft community has over a hundred players thus far and is growing each WolfCraft season. We are proud to also have an international community of players from different backgrounds and countries providing a diverse and unique playing experience.

  • World Dynamic Map: To give players a unique view of their builds and the world and allow them to find the perfect spot for their base or navigate the terrain to get to and explore other bases.


COMMUNITY RULES (Read All Rules Here):

  • Players must be 15 year of age or older: This to encourage a mature environment within the community.

  • Be Mature and Mindful of your actions: Avoid excessive message, image, formatting, emoji, commands, and/or @ spams. Any showcase of such or similar immature behaviour will not be tolerated.

  • No harassment, abuse, or bullying: We have zero-tolerance for hate speech directed towards others.

  • Discussion of Controversial topics are prohibited: These include political arguments, religious arguments, etc. among others. We want to allow players a space to get-away from the struggles of life to relax and enjoy within our community.

  • Griefing and Stealing of Items is not permitted: This includes destroying chests, buildings or bases not of your own making and taking/borrowing items without consent.

  • No Client Mods/Exploits - This includes the use of Hacked - Clients (other than optifine) or other resources to alter the Vanilla game-play experience.



➊ Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/P82wCH8hXV

➋ Follow the instructions in #how-to-apply and submit an application.

➌ Wait for your application to be reviewed - Can take a few hours depending on the Staff Online.

Any Question you may have about the application or the server can be answered in #application-support channel upon joining our discord.