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Discord Discord
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Statut Unknown
Dernière PingMonitoring disabled
Version 1.16.1
Type pvp Creative Survival Towny Parkour Mini games Plots
United States
Dernière mise à jour12 Sep 2020
Date d'inscription12 Sep 2020


Hello and welcome to Aurora! Before you start why don't we take a brief tour of the server.

We're kind of an all-rounder server in that we offer many different gamemodes. At the moment we have a towny survival world for cooperatively playing the game with friends and foes alike! We also offer a towny creative gamemode for those of you who would rather build without the grind of the survival game.

Next up we have the plotworld without any of the bureaucracy of the towny world where you can create anything to your hearts content!

If you're feeling a little bored of those then we have something for you, minigames! Currently we have a sword on sword fight to the death and a block jumping, skill-based puzzler; pvp and parkour respectively hehe.

Feeling like going on an adventure instead? We've got a custom built dungeon with loot, monsters, and bosses to satisfy you as an addition to the towny survival world! Party up and risk your life for the glorious treasures that await, long kept within the dungeon.

Lastly I'd like to mention our custom items! We felt the vanilla minecraft items and tools weren't enough so we added more! From picks to blades, for any need we've got you covered with super-powered tools with many more to come!

Anyway, that concludes our mini tour. Why don't you come join us surviving, creating, playing with friends, and exploring the dungeon in Aurora!