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Discord Discord
IP du serveur
Statut Online
Dernière Ping14 minutes 18 seconds ago
Version 1.18
Type Semi Vanilla Survival pvp PvE Land Claim LandProtection 247 2b2t
United States
Dernière mise à jour06 Dec 2021
Date d'inscription26 May 2020


MadMochi is a Semi-Vanilla server that strives to deliver an authentic survival experience which minimizes common server hiccups such as latency, bugs and malicious hackers or griefers.

What do we mean by Semi-Vanilla?
The biggest take away of this term is that servers classified as Semi-Vanilla have no economy. This means no server shops to purchase items using in-game currency. Players are forced to gather their own resources in order to survive.

Our Goal is to preserve any and every players' builds by adhering to no map resets. We take special care to religiously backup data daily. At MadMochi, we ensure that every committed player leaves a lasting legacy.

Main Features

- 35+ Custom Vanilla-like Enchantments
- No Map Resets
- Land Protection (5000 blocks)
- Voting Rewards
- Excellent no lag environment
- Much more to come!

MadMochi is mostly an environment suited for an older audience (18+ Community). Please be aware that upon joining the server, you will likely witness vulgar language as well as content not suited for children. This is because the system only filters spam.

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