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IP du serveur
Discord Discord
Statut Online
Dernière Ping28 minutes 2 seconds ago
Version bedrock Latest 1.19
Type Survival Grief Prevention Community Hard Server Quests Economy Bedrock vanilla Semi Vanilla
United States
Dernière mise à jour25 Jul 2022
Date d'inscription05 Apr 2020


1.19 || Punkcraft | Semi- Vanilla | Land Claiming ✪

Server IP: play.cloudybeaches.com
Discord: https://discord.gg/Ex2WyMS3G7

Supported versions: Java / Bedrock

Server Features

💎 Cross-play between Java & Bedrock seamlessly 💎
💎 Basic commands like /sethome and /tprandom. Server is on Hard but has KeepInventory set! 💎
💎 Capture mobs with special CloudyBalls. Each mob has 30% to capture. Special mobs have 5%. 💎
💎 In-game ranks obtained through playtime. The more you play the higher your rank. Also fair voting rewards! 💎
💎 Easy land claiming to prevent all forms of grief. You can also check block/chest interactions with "/co i" as well! 💎
💎 Community of all ages. Everyone is friendly so you wont feel left out. 💎

We also have staff positions available. Further details are posted on our discord server.


- No spamming
- No griefing (claimed or unclaimed we dont care)
- No exploiting (abuse of any systems outside the range of their intended normal use is not allowed. Report the bug or exploit instead and ask if not sure)
- Do not advertise other servers
- No hacking (cheats, bots or hacked clients. simple)
- Be respectful and mindful of other players (were super laid back here just dont push it, seriously)
- Purposefully trying to cause any damage to the servers physical hardware or network is not tolerated

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