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Type Prison NonOP Pvp jobs quests PVE Guards NPCs Action Fun
United States
Dernière mise à jour03 Jan 2021
Date d'inscription20 Dec 2019


======================= ~ New Artifact System! (Way to make money in each rank, by crafting an artifact portal!) ~ New Rank Boards! (Shows each way to make money and new things you get when ranking up!) ~ New Action House! (A brand new way to sell items and interact with other players!) ~ New Quests! The LumberJack is waiting! ~ New Miner's Backpack's for each rank! Now every rank gets their own Miner Backpack with better loot each rank! ~ We have spent a long time balancing our /buy! We redid the entire store! We added some things and removed some things! The biggest thing we added was RANKS, that's right! You can now buy ranks on PrisonEvolved! - There is no more Donor Offers, you get permanent access to Donor when you buy Emerald Rank or Higher! Go check it out! ~ Crates have been re-balanced as well! They have been majorly buffed! We also have added new items to them like: Artifacts, Custom Crates (Wolf, Blaze, Witch, Guardian, Healing, Netherworld, Custom Item Crate and More!) =======================