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IP du serveur
Site Web buy.hoaxmc.com
Statut Unknown
Dernière PingMonitoring disabled
Version 1.16
Type Skyblock Popular
Dernière mise à jour25 Apr 2021
Date d'inscription03 Sep 2019


HoaxMC IP du serveur: play.hoaxmc.com


HoaxMC is a server that has all kinds of stuff! What makes this server unique is the different things you can discover. You can play in the Blaze realm. The blaze realm is a prison server where you get your own plot and you can do whatever you want there and you can also mine for prizes for your skyblock island! they also have a Skyblock realm. On there, they have 3 different realms. Chicken, Creeper, Pig.  In there you have all sorts of stuff like Parkour, Mob Armor, a Casino, Adventures, 4 different teams and even pets! In there, You have to try and race to the top of the leaderboard to have the best island and be the richest person in the realm. Each realm has unique island stuff. Then you have the events realms where you can win items by participating in the events. Some of the events are Hide and Seek, Building competition, and more.  The last server is Escape The Beast. You are in a puzzle in which the beast is chasing after you. You must try and escape before the beast catches you and try to do it in the fastest time possible!