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Site Web Site Web
Discord Discord
IP du serveur
Statut Unknown
Dernière PingMonitoring disabled
Version 1.17
Type MCMMO Survival RPG Adult Casual MMO Grief Prevention SMP Economy
United States
Dernière mise à jour14 Jul 2021
Date d'inscription03 Feb 2019


Hy-Brasil is an adult owned and staffed, mature community based casual RPG server with an emphasis on stories, economy and a bit of RPG. You may connect using your Minecraft Java Edition client or even with a Bedrock client thanks to GeyserMC. 

Some of our plugins and features are:

AutoMessager: To display periodic announcements and info in chat while you are connected to the server.

Coordinates HUD: Gives you the coordinates, direction you're facing and the time of day right above your hotbar. Type /coordinates toggle to turn it off and on.

Dead Chest: When you die, your items are placed in a chest at the location you died and the coordinates are sent to you in chat. If you can get back to the place and defeat whatever killed you there your items will be safely waiting for you to retreive them.

DiscordSRV: You can chat with people on our discord channel while in the game on the java server.

EssentialsX: A comprehensive set of commands and tools to help make playing easier and more convenient. Things like coordinates, compass, warp to home, mail, etc. Find out more on their wiki https://essentialsx.net/wiki/Home.html

Geyser: So Bedrock players can get in on the fun too. Geyser lets you connect with your Bedrock client. Find out more on their website: https://geysermc.org/

Grief Prevention: You can make claims to land you wish to manage and control who you will grant trust to access it, build on it, open chests. Etc. The more you play, the larger your land claims can be or the more claims you may have. Learn about Grief Prevention here: https://github.com/TechFortress/GriefPrevention/wiki

Harbor: Basically, one player sleep.

Heads Plus: Collect heads from the mobs you kill. Buy custom heads in the server shop by typing /heads or sell heads you've collected with /sellhead while the head is in your inventory. Warning, this interface doesn't work well for mobile devices. It might be best to get a friend on a Java client to buy and sell heads for you.

Interactive Books: Our books have more robust features than vanilla books which is good because most of us who play here enjoy a good story to share with our fellow travelers.

mcMMO (Premium Version): Gain skills in a variety of fields while you play which will give you a bit of an advantage the more you use them. Learn more here: https://mcmmo.org/wiki/Main_Page

MinePacks: Every player starts with a backpack to give you much more inventory space than vanilla Minecraft offers. Also, when you die, your backpack contents stay with you.

MobHunting: Earn money with every mob you kill. The more difficult the kill, the bigger the payoff.

Pretty Simple Shops: Got some extra items from your farms and adventures that you would like to sell to others? Throw down a chest and set up shop. You're in business. Find out more here: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/prettysimpleshop.53790/

Tree Gravity: Drop those trees by just chopping the bottom block. No more climbing up to the top to get rid of floating trees. It all comes down at once.

VentureChat: Multi-channel chat with party chat and local area chat features.

See our website for more details, rules and other useful info. https://new-caledonia.fandom.com/wiki/Hy-Brasil_Info