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Version Latest 1.16.3 1.16.x
Type Claims Crates Economy Games Pets Jobs Shops Friendly Community Slimefun
Emplacement Canada
Dernière mise à jour09 Mar 2022
Date d'inscription10 Sep 2015



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MythicMiner RPG style server is aimed to have a little bit of everything for everyone. Starting with its RPG style stat system, quests, economy and Companion pets that can also gain skills; these are just a few of the leading features that the vast world of MMRPG has to offer. Players are welcomed to claim land / towns to protect it from griefing or players are also welcome to raid and loot any unclaimed land they may find.

In short; MMRPG is a friendly Community based RPG style server that caters to all types of players, good or bad.


McMMO - Stats and skills.
GRIEF PREVENTION - Land claiming and protection.
LEVELED MOBS - Mob difficultly variance.
MYPET - Battle pet and mob taming.
QUESTS - Embark on a journey for rewards.
OHTHEDUNGEONS - Dungeon Generator.
DYNMAP - Web based, live map.
JOBS - Earn in game currency from doing assigned job tasks.
QUICKSHOP - Simple chest shop creation and management.
CLANS - Team up with friends or just battle foes.
MINIBOARDGAMES - Full arcade with minigames.

(Note: Only the most important and base features are listed here, 100+ are available to discover in game.)

More info avail on our website @ or on PMC @

Change Logs
02 Jul 2016

Mob arena xp, Battle Pet Levels & other update news
-All mob arenas now allow you to keep earned XP on top of earned EXP.
-Added new levels and unlockable skills for the Combat pet skiltree
-Added a new VIP Pet skilltree "Vampire".
-Collector Cards Are Back!
-Giant Trees introduced into new chunks.

22 Aug 2016

-Added Creative Parkour Maps. VIP's now have access to a creative mode plot to build a parkour map.
All parkour maps can be played by any player at /arcade.

-Friends list, create a friends list like facebook  to keep track and tp to your friends. /f

07 Apr 2017

In celebration of spring we have added a few new mobs to liven up the world of MythicMiner. These mobs will all spawn naturally and will also drop loot. some loot is special, and some not so special. Enjoy, and Happy Hunting!


03 Jul 2017

Welcome all. the update was a success with very little set backs.
Currently we will have to wait for a few minimal plugins to update the everything else seems seamless. i will post a list of server changes below as well as a link to the changes in MC found HERE
This post will be updated as changes occur so check back often.


- Fast Craft removed (due to new MC mechanic supporter perk will be replaced with unlocks)

- Fish Comps - Disabled awaiting updates.

- Mobe'mon - Supporter Perk Awaiting updates

- Glow - Supporter perk awaiting updates

- Signs - Awaiting updates

- Jetpacks (the non-SF kind) awaiting updates *temp DISABLED 
   (yes again, So /fly has been unlocked for all supporter ranks until further notice)

- /Money Pay and other economy commands FIXED

- Jobs bugs FIXED 

- Chest Reloader - Some auto restocking chests may not restock. *Fixed

- Testing New Redstone Clock Stopper - Removed for now.

- Testing New Friends List System - Can access it by clicking the head in your inv. 
  (head is not droppable)

Please report any bugs you may find in the forums or ingame with:
 /mail kamikazifrosty <message/bug>

*Note Optifine has released a working version for 1.12, you can find it HERE. To install it, download the file then open it with java.*

20 Sep 2017

To fix some major bugs and other things.......

We have updated to 1.12.2 ahead of normal scheduel. no plugins have been effected. and no major changes have been made.  
(i will also post a link to optifine here once it is updated

-The Live map has also been reset and re-activated!. a link to it can be found above or in game with /motd

and as always .....
                             Enjoy :)!                   (if you want to..... i'm not your supervisor)

26 Oct 2017

New Features to Mythic Miner!

+ NEW Vote Parties - On top of per vote rewards players will now be able to start server side Events based on how many votes are made, When the server reaches its voting goal; all online players will be rewarded with
- A Server Wide Crate Party
- Instant Loot (including diamonds emeralds & land claim blocks)
- Casino Loot keys! (1 Diamond and 1 Roulette key for the /casino.)

+ New Auctioneer NPC- A new NPC has been placed at the bank that can hold player Auctions, this can be a useful place for players to put their items up for sale without needing to make a shop. Simply right click the auctioneer to get started!

+ SlimeFun BugFixes - Multiple bugs have been patched for slime fun in the most recent update adding more stability to items and machines.


14 Jan 2018

Newest Mini-Game addition to MythicMiners arcade; PAINTBALL ARENA!

This new Team based arena game pits 2 teams against eachother in an all out paintball war! 

Players can pick a team and start shooting right away, There is even an In-Game upgrades shop where players can upgrade their paintball equipment to become the most powerful paintballer in the server!

Stats are also saved so layers can check out each others skills and compare stats.


- Players first need to empty their inventory (dont want ya ta lose anything, dont worry all gear is supplied in the arena)
- Then to join the fun type : /pb join. and you will be teleported to the paintball lobby. where the game will auto start when the lobby has enough players; or you will auto join on next game if one is already in progress.
- Now you can pick your team with /pb red/blue, check stats with /pb stats and even vote for the next paintball map with /pb vote
- When finished simply type: /pb leave. to be returned to your original location.

*Important command Change Note*
To add in the new paintball "/pb" command we had to adjust the command to change pet behaviours for battle pets, so we have just added an extra letter "h" to make it easy. the new command to change Battle Pet behaviours is "/pbh". 

- Enjoy!   :)

3 new maps added to the paintball arenas:

-Arena4 : A Chessboard Themed arena with pieces.
-Sniper: Two opposing towers above a water pit. the best aim wins
-QuickFire: An all out mixed spawn brawl. Small arena with very little cover.

29 Jan 2018

3D PRINT Build Comp Extended!
KamikaziFrosty ao posted 10 mins ago
Due to popular demand we will be extending the build time for this competition by 2 weeks!

TOPIC: A Castle 
TIMEFRAME: 2 Weeks *4 Weeks*
START DATE: Jan 17, 2018
END DATE: Feb 01, 2018    *END DATE: Feb 15, 2018*

Good luck and happy building!

14 Feb 2018

3D BUILD COMPETITION FINAL 24 HOURS :fearful: TOPIC: A Castle TIMEFRAME: 4 Weeks END DATE: Feb 15, 2018* Visit: for more info! Good luck and happy building!

14 Feb 2018

3D BUILD COMPETITION FINAL 24 HOURS :fearful: TOPIC: A Castle TIMEFRAME: 4 Weeks END DATE: Feb 15, 2018* Visit: for more info! Good luck and happy building!

07 Mar 2018

Previously Gods would demand that players pray very often to keep their god happy and prevent the god from slowly getting mad at the player, This feature has now been limited, meaning that gods should now keep being happy with players as long as they pray regularly.

Players can now pray as much or little as they wish and will keep their gods happy with them as long as they dont directly piss off the god (ie: sacrafice holy items). Gods with fewer beleivers or beleivers that arent pleasing their god will still fall behind the rest of the gods as they progress so keep them happy to make em strong!

To balance this change each month the god with the fewest beleivers will be removed untill their is a min of 8 gods. supporters can still create new gods as per the instructions at /WARP GODS.

15 Mar 2018


Yes this includes all current chests as well, Meaning any currently locked chest have been set with today as their countdown start date.

01 May 2018

HUGE SPRING SAVINGS!! %25 off sale in the Donation store! for 1 week only

23 Aug 2018
Update to 1.13 Complete check for changelog.
04 Jul 2019

Welcome to 1.14.2!

02 Aug 2021

With this new update MMRPG's map size has increased by 1000 BLOCKS to introduce all the new wonderful items and ores to get,

Along with the expansion, sections of the world have also been updated to 1.17 so even well established players should be able to rediscover their own areas for new stuff.

And with a MAP INCREASE comes a LEVELING INCREASE, Players can now achieve a max level of 60! This will help battle some of the newer stronger mobs. Happy Huntin'

30 Jan 2022

SlimeFun Returns!

Enjoy all the new items and machines with SlimeFun. Over 500 new items and researches added to the roster to be unlocked and upgraded!

Many more coming soon!

09 Mar 2022

Slime Fun Exotic Gardens add-on, added on.
Now you can enjoy a multitude of new plants fruits that can be made into a buunch of new foods/ other items.