MapleCitizens - v83

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Version v83
Type Low Rate FriendlyGMs ActiveDiscord ActiveStaff AllPQs AllBosses Challenging
Dernière mise à jour19 Jul 2021
Date d'inscription08 Oct 2020


MapleCitizens - v83

Welcome to the world of MapleCitizens!

We strive to remain as nostalgic as possible while adding our own twist to things like UI, maps, items, and much more. 

We have plenty of features, including a very stable source:

- Fully functional Explorers, Cygnus Knights, and Aran
- Fully functional Zakum, Horntail, and Pinkbean
- Fully functional Party Quests (PQ), including CWKPQ
- Revised HP system, eliminating the need to HP wash
- Feel like leeching? No problem - we encourage players to do what they like
- Working marriage/guild/family/fishing systems
- Active GMs and community


Join us!