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Version High Five
Type Global GK GM Shop Craft Fun Offline Shop NPC Buffer Pvp High Rate
Dernière mise à jour01 Feb 2023
Date d'inscription26 Nov 2022


High Five Server Chronicles



Unique gear upgrade system


Offline Buffer


Classic multi-professional: you can learn the skills of any profession for 1 adena and SP. No gear penalty. Basic buffs - 4 hours (Including limits / totems, etc.) Removed all requirements when applying buffs to weapons, also buffs requiring <30% HP are buffed at any level of health. The difference between the player and the monster to get EXP, SP is 20 levels. Mage skills do not fail when attacking a mob with a difference no higher than - 20 levels. The difference between the player and the Raid Boss in getting EXP, SP is 9 levels. The number of Mobs is increased by 2 times. Mobs from lvl 65 to 70 (inclusive) Enhanced: x2 HP. Mobs from lvl 71 to 80 (inclusive) Enhanced: Mage, P. Def. Attack x5, HP x2, Physical defense x3, Mage defense x2. Mobs from 81 to 90 lvl (inclusive) Enhanced: Mage Attack x7, P. Atk x13, HP x10, P. Def. x7, M. Def. x3. MP banks added to Champions from 1 to 10 pieces from blue 100% . from 5 to 20pcs 100% For convenience, a tab has been added to alt + b "Raid" - search for resources by mobs with a chance (spoil - drop) and so on to the mob.