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Version H5
Type Low Rate
Emplacement Spain
Dernière mise à jour15 Apr 2023
Date d'inscription01 Nov 2020


Basic Settings
> EXP: 3x | SP: 3x
> Adena: 3x | Drop: 3x | Spoil: 3x
> Quest EXP: 3x
> Quest SP: 3x
> Drop Quest: 3x
> Adena Quest: 3x
> Party EXP / SP: 4,5x
> Manor: 3x
> Drop Raids Boss: 3x (except Grand RaidBoss Jewelry drop: limited to 1 piece)
> Hellbound: 3x
> Pet EXP: 3x
> Sin Eaters EXP: 3x

Other Settings
> Sell and Craft offline mode ENABLED
> Vitality System ENABLED
> Nevit’s Blessing System, Nevit’s Hourglass and Nevit’s Herald System ENABLED
> Champion System DISABLED
> Wedding System ENABLED
> PcBang Points System ENABLED | Lucky Pigs System ENABLED
> High Five Treasure Chests System ENABLED
> All Seven Signs Quest (12 Quests) WORKING
> Spawn Return System IMPLEMENTED
> Pailaka WORKING
> Kamaloka WORKING
> Rim Kamaloka WORKING
> Elpies, Rabbits, Race events SCHEDULED ALEATORY
> Fishing System and Fisherman’s Potions WORKING
> Fishing King Championship Tournament Event WORKING
> Kratei’s Cube Event WORKING
> Aerial Cleft Event WORKING
> Full Geodata & Pathnodes WORKING
> Raid Informer NPC with Raidboss status and date IMPLEMENTED
> NPC Delevel Manager in Giran Town IMPLEMENTED
> Shift + Click to see droplist on Monsters ENABLED
> Global Trade Chat ENABLED

Change Logs
21 Apr 2023

The server will launch on: Fri, 21 Apr 2023 18:30:00 GMT