Pixels MC Lounge

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Type Community Minecraft Sandbox Fun Games Casino Prizes Giveaways Free Hypixel
Emplacement United States
Dernière mise à jour31 Dec 2021
Date d'inscription31 Dec 2021


Welcome to Pixels Minecraft Lounge where you can meet new friends, talk about Minecraft, and play fun events!

In this server you can:
💬 Talk about Minecraft or any other topics in one of the many chatrooms
🎮 Play fun minigames in any game room, like truth or dare! Win prizes!
🎉 Win one of our daily giveaways, like discord nitro and lunar cosmetics! 
⚔️ Participate in one of our daily Minecraft events, like bedwars on Hypixel!
✨ ... and so much more to explore!
Join Pixels Minecraft Lounge now to have the best time of your life!