Cabal Assassin 8Clas

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Version Episode 29
Type High Rate Pvp
Emplacement Singapore
Dernière mise à jour08 Nov 2022
Date d'inscription08 Nov 2022



Anti-DDOS attack protection


Docker Anti-Channel Crash

9 Class 1 cabalmain (Dark Mage development on-going)

Official like Character creation (No more relogging when choosing GL/FG)

Easy Dungeons

Premium Channels - Experience x4 drops, Perfect cores and higher drop chance

Chaos Essence collection - Exchange Chaos essence which can be farmed on random mobs on PK maps and get a chance to get Super RARE items such as perfect bikes, perfect epic option item sets, PERMANENT HAPPY BIRTHDAY rings and many more good stuff

GUILD TERRITORY BATTLE - Permanent WEEKLY EVENT wherein Guilds will fight for ownership of 3 major towns (BI, DS, GD) and raise your Guild flag Emblem on your own territory as well as perks for all members while owning a town

Last set available in game - Palladium (Demonite on December) | Create your own build using our Unique and Flexible Set effects. Every set has it's own purpose NO MORE OBSOLETE SET TIERS.

Mystic/Shineguard/Terragrace- Starting Set with leveling assist effects

Sigmetal - Farming Set with drop rate and Alz rate effects

Mithril - Resist Master effects

Archridium - Damage Dealer effects

Palladium - Balanced effects

Exclusive WING SYSTEM (Normal channels and MWAR) both levelling up to level 20. Wings EVOLVES its appearance every 5 levels and wing appearance is GENDER SPECIFIC to fit your own style

New unique wings and costumes

Merit System

Resist system

Essence runes up to lvl 3

Blended runes up to lvl 3

Up to 8 blended runes!

Dungeons up to Secret base - Future update (December)

Craftsman - Future update (December)

30 slot Essence Runes - 10 slot Blended runes

Dungeons up to Garden of Dust

Epic Booster system

Upgrade up to +20

Open RMT

Macro System

Custom Zoom Adjustment

New War map