Aion-rush 4.6

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Version 4.6
Type High Rate PVP Customs Auto Learn Skill Fun
Emplacement Germany
Dernière mise à jour21 Nov 2021
Date d'inscription02 Nov 2021


Rush-Aion is a perfect and 100% functional version 4.6 server!
Geodata, skills, instances .... 100% working
High Rates to focus on the End-game (Exp X25 / Craft-Gathering X25 / Drop loot X8 / Ap X3)

Easy to level up / Easy to gear be ready for PvPvE endgame
Recharged towers are available 24/7
An FFA arene for PvP with friends
A friendly and available staff
Full of events to come on this European server

Ready for a new start in Europe !