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Version Pre Renewal
Type Active GMs Balanced WoE Trans Class Custom Items International Low Rate Newbie Friendly Unique Friendly GMs
United States
Dernière mise à jour06 May 2017
Date d'inscription30 Sep 2014
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Official Server Features

Episode 14.1 Bifrost

Fully-working Malangdo and Mora quests
Buwaya Cave, Bakonawa Lake, Bangungot Hospital Instances
Octopus Cave and Malangdo Culvert Instances
Hazy Forest Instance
Nidhoggur, Endless Tower, Sealed Shrine and Orc Memory Instances
Bibilan Dungeon level 6
Nightmare Scaraba Dungeon
Much more!

Custom Server Features
Reward System

Unique Reward System
Monthly map bonuses with TamTam's Gift
High-end GM Challenge
High-end Wave Challenge
Poring Catch
Poring Rally
Haunted House
TalonRO Lottery

Guilds and PvP

WoE:SE, Non-Trans, Regular and Vanilla WoE
No Emperium required to create a guild
5% Bonus EXP for members of guilds that hold a WoE Castle
Guilds can hold 116 members
Guild Storage to share items and gears
40 Guild Title positions
PvP Hub with access to all PvP-related content
Weekly Voting of PvP maps
Duels on most fields and dungeons


More than 180 hairstyles and hundreds of dyes
Headgear Previewer
Custom Pets
Rental Costumes


Hunting Board with rewards to get Rental Items
Resting System
Increased party share limit. 15 instead of 10 levels difference minimum
10% Bonus EXP for fighting monsters within 10 levels of the player
8% Bonus EXP for each partymember (not idle)
Boosted Homunculi (25% demi-human resist, HP and DEX boost)

Quests & NPCs

Wave Challenge
Custom super quest and balanced custom items
Certain quests have been made account-bound: Rachel Sanctuary, Nameless Island, Moscovia and Kiel
Hundreds of custom quests with their own storylines
Custom NPCs (eg. Hairstyler, Warp NPC, Skill/Stats Reset, Job Changer)
Custom Storyline
Card Exchanger


Quest Checking Board to check quest progress
Same-sex marriage
Unique Achievement System
Unique Mining and Jewelcrafting System
Monster Arena
Unique Control Panel
Regular events