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IP: OPHION.CC | Bending, Avatar, Towny, Factions


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Type Bending Abilities Skyblock Skygrid Castle Wars Avatar Capture the Flag Creative Towny Jobs
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General Information

IP: ophion.cc
Site: http://serverophion.com 
Version: 1.12+
Discord: https://discord.gg/wYRq4nH 
Server Trailer: https://youtu.be/ApzXckTwbr8 



We've been around since 2012, offering unique content with custom plugins that can only be played on Ophion. We take pride in what we create and our community. Come check us out!



Avatar Survival
Harness the power of water, earth, fire, or air in the arenas system or Towny world.

Free build with dummies, items, or portals or rank up in the Tier system.



The rules vary between our servers. We highly advise you to use /rules to list all rules for the server you are on. Below you will find a few of our general rules.

• Do not use hacks or exploits.
• Do not advertise for other servers.
• Do not spam messages or commands.
• Do not disrespect or provoke other players.
• Swearing is okay, as long as it's not directed towards another player or overused.
• Only use English in the public chat and use private chats for other languages. (/m, /party)

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