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United States
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Date d'inscription22 Feb 2015

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      SURVIVAL | HARDCORE SURVIVAL | ROLEPLAY | GRIEF PREVENTION | 1.8 + |JOBS | MCMMO | SILKSPAWNING | GREAT ACTIVE COMMUNITY | HELPFUL STAFF | NO LAG - 32G SERVER | PVP/PVE | RANKING SYSTEM | RAIDING | 24/7 | +MORE! Welcome to Nyncraft! Wait I am actually welcoming you on a page... FML! Go to our website to learn more in the link below! But, if youre too lazy to click the link then read our short descrition carefully written out for your gaming stimulation needs about our glorious bacon lovers server. WE LOVE OUR CATS AS WELL!!! First off, our server is split into three departments. We have Basic for those basic benches, Hardcore for those real Go-Get-Ers!, and Role-play for the creative mind! Now, lets talk about our Basic Server. Its basically well,... just basic. Its survival at its finest with tons to offer- such as trading, markets, spectacular buildings, and true surviving. If youre interested just log into our server and walk through the portal that says BASIC! Next, were going to talk about our Hardcore Server. If youre into real plain vanilla Minecraft with a death suspension... This part of Nyncraft is for you. The only items given to you are the items you receive when you vote for our server. Everything else you earn and gather on your own. No land claiming- no rollbacks- you can grief, raid, and steal your way to the top! If you die, theres is a temp suspension put on your account for the Hardcore server ONLY and you can not play again until time is up. Just hope no one steals your crap while youre dead! After that like I noted above the Role-Play servers are for those creative minds. What we have to offer is Medieval, Modern, and Futuristic for every type of Minecraft Player. Our Medieval Server offers a many of things to keep you entertained such as the brewery plugin, Sitting For better interaction of course., and well... lets keep those a secret until you play huh Now next on the list is our Modern Server- it provides everything your modern life would acquire. Such as- driving cars, going to restaurants, working as a CEO in some big office that no one knows the name of. Yea, that kind of stuff. Not to mention again, the really freaking beautiful architecture of the server. Dang man dang. Last but not least our Futuristic Server- which ima be honest with you, its still under construction so what can I say about it other than were working on it So if I intrigued you any please give us a chance and try out our server. Weve recently started over but the server has been up a steady long year. We have our own website, dedicated 32 GB server, optimized plugins to keep memory leaks and lagging from happening. Now all that is missing is you! So go on, I know you want too- give us a shot! The links provided below are to our Website where you can learn more and join the Nyncraft Family being more in touch and sharing with others that actually give a crap about your Minecraft Builds and Stories. So yea... Go ahead and click that link! Website: MC.Nyncraft.com
Teamspeak: TS3. Nyncraft.comPlugins installed on server: Spiggot, Iconomy, PVP, MCMMO, Survival, Grief Prevention, KillerMoney, ChestShop, Silkspawners, Essentials, Brewery, Ranks, Custom Recipes, Nyncraft, PVP Manager, Combat Levels, Custom Items, Dynmap, PVE, Auto Farms, Fun, Active,

Change Logs
25 Apr 2015
Server News and Updates: Crashing: As you all know the server has been restarting and go offline by itself for the last couple of days probably causing us to lose a few members and we apologize for that. Please also know we are working are to try and figure out which plugin is doing it. In saying this, we have discovered our server has been causing a memory leak and making the server crash. Again, we apologize for these inconveniences- and sorry to say this over the next several days it may get better or worse depending on if we find out which plugin in causing it. We are also doing this manually because TopLight a plugin we usually use isn't updated to our servers level yet. New Plug-ins and Updates: We have added our MobArena back in and when totally fixed we will have magic implemented into MobArena using a special Plug-In for us. Next is Brewery where you can make new item recipes for the server. For example; soups, slushies, smoothies, wines, and more. We will be taking most of the alcohol out of this plugin because our server doesn't support alcohol in any form especially for the minors who play on our server. Voting: You can now purchase ranks and more in our donation shop just by donating. You receive Enjin Points to use in our Donation Shop based on voting. If you vote every day you get more points. Also, we added in that it is cumulative- meaning the more you vote and you vote every day then you get more points. You miss a day it starts over. You vote every day it adds up. Now with voting you even get more prizes and more chances to win better prizes! You may even get a Legendary which is the rarest things on our server because they have just about level 10 everything on the specific item. Enjin Points: Earn Enjin Points to spend in our Donation Shop for trails, ranks and more! Post on the forums, have a birthday, advertize our server, and vote! That is all you have to do to earn easy spendable Enjin Points instead of spending your cash for the greatest on the game. Keeping it EULA approved and to make our server not a pay to win server, just an equal opportunity server! Nyncraft Staff: We want our server to have a good community and work well together so we're giving our players a chance to rate our Staff. Are they active enough for you? Do they answer your questions? Are they helpful and respectful? Let us know by rating and commenting about our servers Staff on our forums. The area hasn't been setup yet so please be patient. Also, a lot of Staff are going to be rechosen soon. Some have not been as active and as productive as we have continuously asked and told so they will be replaced if we don't notice a change. Make sure to post applications if you would maybe like to be Staff. Please follow the guidelines plus read everything properly. Good luck. Extra: We are still working on the server as stated above so the server may restart on and off several times. Please don't let that turn you off from the server- we have a great community and strive every day to try and make our server a fun and welcoming place for everyone. Suggestions for our server really do get taken to heart and go through a consideration process. So if you have a suggestion please tell us on the forums under suggestions. Donators: As soon as we get everything fixed more stuff will be given in you Rank Donations. We are not disclosing any information about what will be added at this time just be aware of updates to come for your purchased rank. Advertising: Get VoteCrates by doing these- - Follow our Twitter and post your IGN in a tweet to us for "5" Crates. Follow us here: Twitter Link - Diamond, Subscribe, Vote, and Comment on our Planet Minecraft Page for "2" Crates. Do the following here: Planet Minecraft Page Link - Post on our Minecraft Forums page at least three sentences for "1" Crate. Comment for us here: Minecraft Forums Page Link - Earn "6" VoteCrates by getting us a new player for our server and they stay a week. Good luck and happy gaming guys!