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Type Low Rate 3rd Job
United States
Dernière mise à jour08 Dec 2014
Date d'inscription08 Dec 2014

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Basic InformationBase: 25x
Job: 25x
Quest: 25x
Item Drop: 10x
MVP: 10x
MVP Card: 0.02%
Max Level: 175/60
Max ASPD: 193
Max Stats: 130 (3rd job)

Job Changer
Dungeon Warper
Costume NPC - Make any hat into a costume!
Universal Tool Dealer
Platinum Skills NPC
Stat and Skill Resetter
Login Settings (@autoloot, #main, etc.)
Card Remover
Feel Reset NPC
Name Change NPC
Build Manager

Official Server Features
Episode: 14.3
Third Classes Fully Available
Rebellion/Kagerou/Oboro Jobs With Fully Working Skills
Instanced Dungeons Available: 
Endless Tower, Bakonawa Lake, Hazy Forest, Old Glastheim and others!
Functional Dewata, El Dicastes, Malangdo & Mora Quest

Custom Server Features

Refer a Friend System 
Monster Hunter Instance
Max Party Share Limit: 30 Base Levels
Devotion level gap increased to 30
Customized Tool Dealer: Includes Grape Juice
Transcendent WoE, PvP Room and Battlegrounds
Eden Quest Boards up to 175
Renewal Drop table removed
Same sex marriage
@go, @refresh, @autoloot, @duel, @request, @changegm, @ii, @mi