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Welcome to Legion Servers Gaming Community
We strive to give our gamers the best possible non-pay2win gaming experience and spend hours with our development team to produce the most unique and fun game play possible. We use custom Mods and plugins designed just for our servers!

Our Current Servers:
◈ Unturned Semi Roleplay
◈ Unturned Ranked PvP

Soon To Come:
◈ Rust
◈ Gmod
◈ Battle Grounds
◈ Much More

Join today or visit our website!
Legion Servers Community

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◈ Support

Join our Discord:
Legion Servers Discord

We Hope To See You There!

Unturned Server:
PORT: 25444

Legion Servers Offical Life-Roleplay Trailer

If you are a Youtuber, Feel free to contact me via Discord Meedic Bear#7111