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★ Ghastlegion ★ GhastLegion is a minecraft server dedicated to Factions.
With a lot of some awesome plugins and also some custom made ones
You should check it out! ★Server IP★ You can join, the ip is: If that doesn’t work could you contact us. Go to the website: register and create your own forum post in the right topic. ★Staff★ We have high ranked staff example: Moderators/admins/owners. And we have also low ranked staff: Helpers. Helpers are normal players they don’t scam you, but be carefull they can ban mute or kick you when you break the rules. ★Server★ Ghastlegion currently works on factions but we're planning to expand in the future!
We've got custom plugins, maps, buildings, world and more! ★Questions★ You can always contact us via the site.
site: (forum) We hope to see you on our server. Kind regards,