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We'd like to publish a message to you and your friends to clarify and remind you that Forsaken Is no longer what it used to be, or proven the way it was. We started at the end of September 2016, and have not had a single wipe since then. We've had bug issues, and multiple problems the year with the gear, when afterward we fixed and countered all difficulties made to us by the server. We never hesitated even for a split second to help and create the server to be what it is today, continuously supporting us and motivating us to work harder. I said Forsaken is Reborn above, what does that mean? It means exactly like it sounds, this isn't the same old Blue dragon, even though it's still me, it has evolved. I don't want to write too much, but again, thank you, thank you for supporting us and thank you for helping us, staff members, improve. Either by suggestions or complaints, we're seeking improvements all around the server and we ask you to help us by doing so. What we ask you, as our community that make Forsaken PW what it is to help us spread the word, many still have doubts even though we've proven change, stability, and dedication, therefore we ask you to spread this thread and any other news announcements to your friends or any people who are still hung on Blue Dragon. Our dedicated GM team, who spend their time answering your questions, working on improving your experience at Forsaken and hosting daily in-game events.   We Are A Unique Fast Growing Server, Established In 2016 Bringing The Instant-Cast And 5 APS PVP Styles Back Into Perfect World Gaming, Also We Have Outstretched A Vast Amount Of Unique Custom Player Contents Such As New Custom Locations On Main Maps, Custom Instances With Custom Drops, Also We Host Large Profitable Events To Allow Newbies The Best Shot At Starting Up Within Our Server, We Have An Easy Levelling System And High Rates To Go With It, Also We Have A Very Professional Team of Staff, Working Around The Clock To Improve Gaming Experience And To Moderate The Experience Of Players Within The Game And To Also Help Assist With Any Issues, Our Staff Are Quite Active, Constantly Doing New Patches And Adding Unique Custom Content To Allow Players To Have A Wider Range Of Gaming Experiences, We Have A Free Of Lag Server Running Always At Optimum Net Speed, And A Great Community Of Players Coming From Places Worldwide To Enjoy The Gaming Experience We Have To Offer.. We Hope To See You In Our Server Very Soon!!!