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Vous recherchez un serveur de garrys qui a tous vos besoins de qualité. Eh bien, vous avez frappé le spot BluecoinRP. Nous avons beaucoup d'excellentes fonctionnalités telles que des événements de drogue duels personnel formidable et de la communauté et bien plus encore tout ce que vous...

Change Logs
05 Oct 2016

Government Revamp: Police computers, swat marksman, swat juggernaut, custom pd doors, complaint officer, undercover system.

10 Oct 2016

Added new job: Clown

14 Oct 2016

Added: New Bank: robbable vault, custom doors, Bluecoin Bank sign in front.

Added: Signs around the map.

Changed: Switched the BluecoinRP bounty board location.

24 Oct 2016


Mod and Content Creator
Good at making steam add-ons and content, we want you. We would love extra custom content for our server. Please be at least 15 years of age to apply. Go to the site below, include in your cover letter that you want to be a Content Creator and have seen this listing.

Web Developer
Ever made a website? Pretty straight forward, we need you. Please have experience and be at least 14. Apply below and include that you are wanting to be a web developer and have seen this listing.

Are you good at recording and editing Garry's Mod videos? Well then we need you. Please be at least 14 years of age and have experience. Apply below and include that you are good at editing and saw this listing in your cover letter.

Map Developer
As our player base will continue to grow, we want a custom map, that is built bigger and better. We will request the map to be downtown v4c v2 at first, then you will add different parts to the map.
For this job, you must have experience and know what you are doing. You need to be 15 years old.
To apply, go to the link, and in your cover letter, you must include that you want to be a Map Developer.

Advertising Team Member
This is a custom advertising team, a part of staff at BluecoinRP. Please be at leat 14 years of age and email [email protected] if interested and we will supply a basic application and guidelines.

We are hiring first level moderators or as we call them Tadmins for the server. Pretty simple, just please be of at least 13 years of age to increase your acceptance chances and get a lot of play time, then just follow the application.