Aion Sexy G4m3rz


CatègorieAion Online
Site Web
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Version 4.5
Type Auto Learn Skill
United States
Dernière mise à jour07 Jun 2014
Date d'inscription07 Jun 2014
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A new Private Server Has been Opened ! (Sexy G4m3rz Aion) We have awesome Features like auto skill learning, PvP Good Rates

Our Rates:
200x Exp Rate
30x Drop Rate
50x Quest Exp Rate
40x Kinah Exp Rate
10x Quest AP Rate
10x PVP AP Gain Rate
20x Pve AP Gain Rate

Our Website:

To Register login with the username/password you want , in game you get auto created account when you login and will be saved

Join Us!

Luancher Download:!XUY1kJIL!cl-Hx-iaCNcpj5RB7Pq6R2UHoe2iuIPi0xhR6iR9rcE