Aion PvNetwork 3.0


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Version 3.0
Virgin Islands
Dernière mise à jour03 Feb 2013
Date d'inscription03 Feb 2013
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client: 3.0

XP: 1500
Gxp: 500

Ap: 15%

craft: 50%

kinah: 500

drop: 200

In game shop (black cloud) with tolls exchange.

All bosses work great.

custom rift spawn location.
(see Rift infos on site)

auto learn skills.
manual learn stigmas (with open stigmas slots) must do open stigma quest for open all slots.
PvP reward system.
ViP,premium system
killing enemy general system.
TvT Event
3 rifts for Heiron, Beluslan, for 60 lvl players.
2 custom teleport for pvp in gelmacros and
ingison for both factions.
Arena works 100%