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Statut Online
Carte actuelleProcedural Map
Dernière Ping5 minutes 36 seconds ago
Type 2x Gather kit Soloduotrio Quicksmelt Active Support
United Kingdom
Dernière mise à jour18 Jan 2021
Date d'inscription06 Jan 2021


RustGods [SOLO/DUO/TRIO[2xLOOT]\n[QUICKSMELT][KIT][PVP][CLANS]\n[EVENTS][BOUNTYS] We have created a Rust server dedicated to our community and where staff does NOT abuse his/her role we off a server, We give new comers the chance to create a home by offering them /kit to help them get started, We also manage Events such as airdrops, Cargo ships and also free for all Arena event, The server will also have map wipes every two weeks and Blueprint wipe 1st Thursday of the month, So no more grinding and having no fun, Also we have lowered the night time so you don't have to wonder into walls and be stuck until daylight, So the Night time is only set to 5minutes! We have also added things such as Gambling and coin flips, You're also able to link your discord in game and receive scrap every 6 hours played in the server, We have also searched and found the best host for our server to bring a low ping and latency so you don't have to worry about low FPS or have any lagging issue's, So check us out on discord, The Staff are friendly and will answer any questions you have ASAP :) Discord - In our discord youll also find the server IP and also ingame commands to get you going!
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Rust serveurs IP: client.connect - EU RustGods S D T serveur  | TopG
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Rust serveurs IP: client.connect - EU RustGods S D T serveur  | TopG

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