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Welcome to Perilous PvE, An island where every turn is a challenge. Natives seek revenge on new survivors, and guards protect the important areas of the island. Even the nights make surviving a bit more challenging. The Monuments Are Tier Leveled Tier 3 Monuments are the most challenging and have Elite and Monument Guards. Tier 2 Monuments are challenging and are guarded by Monument Guars. Tier 1 Monuments are overrun by natives and will rush survivors. Custom Helicopters that will challenge even avid chads. Custom Bradley - Watch for driver and gunners. PvE Game Play ~ PvP found at raidable bases and event zones. Turn your base into a raidable base. Bases will become raidable if players are inactive after 4 days. Check /info for all available information. Key Features: Zlevels Custom AI Special Mini Events Personal Online Raid System see /info Vanilla+ Loot Vehicle Licence Instant Craft and Quick Smelt Blueprint Recycle Clans and Clans UI Island Based Raidable Bases Where & Where TP Personal Weather & Time Active Admins, Community Friendly Featured Plugins: 3x Gather, 5x stack, Clans, Clans UI, Teams UI, Shop, custom bots, Furnace Splitter, Personal Weather, Instant Craft, Quick Smelt, Quick Recycle.

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