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[ORION RUST [ EU | X3 | S/D/T | LOOT+ ] 
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Orion Rust is a gaming community and we want to provide our users with a quality gaming service.
Orion's Rust main idea is to make your gaming experience better with our custom mods, powerful hardware, active and friendly staff.
In order to make your game as comfortable as possible, we have removed some of the most boring moments of the game and you will no longer need to spend time searching for some blueprints or throwing useless loot out of barrels and crates. We also have blueprint share system, so you can share the blueprints you've learned with your teammates.
At the same time, our server is not too easy, our gather rates (x3) are not too high and it will take you some time to build a base or raid your neighbor;)
We didn't remove the night from the server, but only reduced its duration to 3 minutes, as we believe that this is the atmosphere of the game.
Also on our server you are offered a system of Kits that will make the beginning and subsequent game a little easier and comfortable.
For an active game on our server, you will be rewarded with points that can be exchanged for various items in our store. Also, if you join our discord and steam groups, you will be provided with additional Kits.
Join us, we will be happy to see everyone, from beginners to experienced players!


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