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Statut Online
Carte actuelle28FebRoam
Dernière Ping43 minutes 6 seconds ago
Type 2x Gather Better loot Semivanilla Furnace Splitter Events Trade Weekly Wipe Active Admins PVP Friendly
Dernière mise à jour20 Sep 2020
Date d'inscription20 Sep 2020

Serveur Info

Hey there. We recently opened a new Rust server that you will probably really like.

It is a 2x server with many of the vanilla elements, and only a few mods that will give you a good time while playing in the server. Some of which are:

Customized Loot in boxes

Starter Kits (/kit to see the full list ingame)

Admin Events

/trade command every 90 Minutes (2 Item Slots to avoid loot transfer)

Furnace Splitter

Increased Stacks


The server wiped on 18th of September and the next wipe will be on 25th.

Come and say hi, "connect"

Joueurs en ligne – Les dernières 24 heures