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Dernière PingMonitoring disabled, to many fails.
Type 5x Clans loot Bgrade Airdrop Auto Doors Kits Instacraft
United States
Dernière mise à jour09 Sep 2020
Date d'inscription04 Sep 2020


A Rust server for those who have been through the grind many times and just wanna relax a bit and progress a bit faster without taking away the challenge of Rust. Weekly wipe force wipe the first Thursday of every month.
Run buy people who have thousands of hours and know what plugins are good and useful. Good comunity behind the server who can help you most parts of the day. Come check us out.

All plugins on DarkNetworks 5x 

MagicLoot - changes loot tables for all lootable crates

CraftingController - changes the crafting times for all items

NoEscape - combat/raid blocks you so you cant teleport away

NTeleportation - adds teleportation to players, safezones, and sethomes

QuickSmelt - quicker smelting for all ores in furnaces, campfires, and oil refineries

StackSizeController - changes the amount an item can stack

BetterChat - adds new features to chat & helps clan plugin

BGrade - automatically upgrades buildings to set tier

DeathNotes - adds a public notification for when players die or kill someone

RemoverTool - adds the ability to remove deployables and buildings for clanmates

Welcomer - adds a welcome message when a player joins the server

PrivateMessages - gives players the ability to message others privately ingame

PlayerList - makes a command to display all online players by name

NoGiveNotices - hides the notifications when admins use the f1 console

GatherManager - changes the gather rate for ores and quarries

AutoBroadcast - automatically broadcasts a set message to all players

Vanish - hides admins from being seen by other players

AdminRadar - gives admins the ability to view other players from anywhere on the map

AutoDoors - automatically closes the door to a set amount of time set by the player

ClearNight - always enables full moon / makes it easier to see in the dark

Clans - gives the ability for players to join/create clans for more features within groups

ClanTeam - automatically puts players that are in a clan to a group

AutomaticAuthorization - automatically authorizes clan members to your tool cupboard

SharedDoors - shares all placed doors by clan members removing the need to type in codes

ActiveSort - automatically splits ores into even stacks in furnaces / refineries

DisableTempatureFunctions - gets rid of the “cold” feature ingame

NoDecay - gets rid of bases decaying making no need for materials in tool cupboard

RandomRespawner - respawns you somewhere random on the map

TimeOfDay - shortens the night by a vast amount


Map Size: 3000

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