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Dernière mise à jour19 Aug 2020
Date d'inscription09 Jun 2020


Z1 Exceed is a well balanced 3x rust server that fully wipes only when face punch force wipe all servers. We have some well configured plugins up and running such as:

* All level 1 Blueprints are unlocked.
* Treasures
* Karuma Paratroopers
* Backpacks for extra inventory space.
* FurnaceSplitter & QuickSmelt well optimized.
* Custom loot plugin for optimized loot spawns
* Mining Quarry Levels to get extra resources including all resources from 1 Quarry. (1 Per player)
* You will be rewarded for playing, you get every 150 minutes a Supply Signal.
* Remover Tool to remove structures
* When in combat or raiding you will be blocked from teleporting away,
* Teleportation plugin to fast travel to Outpost, Bandit Camp, Homes, and friends.
* Skins to change items to your favorite skin.
* Longer Daytime (57 Minutes and shorter night (3 Minutes)
* Unique all in shearing plugin for clan,friends,team members to automatically get authorization on Tool Cupboards, AutoTurrets, Doors (with CodeLocks) BoxStorages (with CodeLocks) Lockers (with CodeLocks) Quarries (blocks unwanted access)

* Sam Sites are like shotgun traps, once authorized on Tool Cupboards they won't shoot.
* Autokit when spawning you get a crossbow with some basic gear, a starter kit with basic materials to start your shack.

There is alot more you can do why not give it a chance and hop on.

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