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Clash and conquer in a post-apocalyptical Cataclysm of Mad Maxes. Fight to survive with only bows, revolvers, eokas, waterpipes, double barrels, nailguns, satchels, C4, and to top it all off, enhanced melee. And did we say CARS?! Yes, we got ‘em. Get your Road Warrior drive-bys on!

* 2x gathering rates. Sulfur is 1.5x.
* Solo/Duo/Trio/Quad teams
* Melee weapons buffed [25%]
* Double Barrels, C4, Autoturrets, and HQM doors are not craftable (can be found in elite or locked crates)
* Sheet metal is the highest building upgrade
* Drivable CARS OF DEATH!
* Quality of life improvements
      * 2x quick smelt
      * Auto furnace splitter
      * Starter, Electrical, RP, & VIP kits
      * 5 minute nights & auto lanterns that do not use fuel
* Active Admin. Admins do not play.
* And more!

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