RustMafia 20x Loot

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Rang1297 Random Server
Discord Discord
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IP du serveur
Statut Unknown
Dernière PingMonitoring disabled
Type Air Drop 20x Gather Active Admin Bgrades Kits Rewards Economy Legit Vip Quick Smelt
Dernière mise à jour08 Mar 2020
Date d'inscription04 Feb 2020


➥ General Rules →  
» By connecting you are agreeing with the following Rules below.
» We have the right to edit/change/remove these rules anytime without a notification.
» It's strictly forbidden to use third party programs(Cheats).
» Do not try to to circumvent a ban in any case.
» Do not circumvent the Rules in any way.
» Ignorance of the Rules does not excuse anyone.
➥ Game Rules →
» Do not glitch into a Rock/Foundation.
» It is forbidden to use various glitches/bugs In-Game.
» Using/Obtaining the Server IP-Address will result in a Ban.
» Having 3rd party programs (Cheats) on your PC counts as cheating.
» Do not build your bases inside a Rock or under the Map.
» Do not sleep in Outpost/Bandit-Camp or you will be killed.
➥ Chat Rules →
» English only in chat.
» No harrasment! We do not allow any toxic behaviour..
» We have absolutely zero tolerance for any for of Racism/Bigotry.
» Do not advertise any servers and generally anything.
» Do not spam the Chat.
➥ Staff-Members Related Rules →
» Do not impersonate Staff-Members/Players.
» Do not spam Staff-Members with garbage/useless messages.
➥ Server Related Links →
» Discord:
» Steam Group:

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