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Type 10x Gather Active Admins Active Support Better loot Clans Fast Smelting Friendly Admins Instacraft Kits
United Kingdom
Dernière mise à jour06 Feb 2020
Date d'inscription10 Dec 2019


Welcome to the Legions of Rushalla!

About the server

We run a fun, quality of life modded server that has just the right amount of plugins to enhance your rust experience without taking away from the survivor and PVP aspect.

Our primary focus for this server is to run a fun, enjoyable PVP server, free of the toxicity found in official. Although PVP is the goal, it needs to be done right!

If you are looking for a great place to come build and experience all aspects of Rust, from fighting and raiding or making alliances to farming and building look no further!

We have an active admin team that are based in the UK and Denmark. Often on throughout the day and definitely in the evenings until early hours, you are sure to have support should you need it. We also have a discord server that allows you to engage with the other survivors. Please follow the link below to join our growing community.

Should you witness or experience toxicity please take a screenshot if in text. Inform the admins immediately and they will be investigated and dealt with swiftly.

We are looking for new players who play as anything from solo to large groups to join the community. New to the game players are very welcome also, and the admins can help show you the ropes for a short time. We won't do everything for you, but show you how to progress!

The server is a non-wipe server except for the forced monthly wipes by FacePunch

This is a PVP server, but with the rates set the way they are, the aftermath of a raid is slightly less harrowing when you have to rebuild!

The key plugins we use are:
Auto Auth

Furnace Splitter
Instant Craft
Quick Smelt
Remover tool


We look forward to seeing you in the server.

Legions admin

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Rust serveurs IP: client.connect - Rusthalla 10x serveur  | TopG
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Rust serveurs IP: client.connect - Rusthalla 10x serveur  | TopG
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Rust serveurs IP: client.connect - Rusthalla 10x serveur  | TopG
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Rust serveurs IP: client.connect - Rusthalla 10x serveur  | TopG

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