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This 1000x server is designed purely for all out raiding and PvP, with a Base kit every hour as well as a Boom kit every hour, there is everything you need to get you started and keep you going. We tried to create an environment in which being raided doesn't REALLY matter that much, it's supposed to be fun, not a grind. Some Features: + Teleportation + BGrade + Kits & Loadouts + In-Game Shop + Backpacks for extra inventory space + No Blueprints or Workbenches + Instant Crafting & Quick Smelting w/ Furnace Splitter + Custom loot tables to remove all the unnecessary/unusable stuff + Custom vehicle spawning plugin /myvehicles for more info + NO Vehicles require fuel Rules: 1: NO Hacking 2: NO Exploiting 3: NO Cheating 4: NO Spamming 5: NO Scripts Wipe Information: {0} VIP: We offer/will offer several different packages for each game server we release in order to maintain them. The servers we are using are the best of the best, no exceptions were taken. It is quite expensive to run these servers off of dedicated hardware so we rely on the community to keep our servers up and running. Give these to your friends, help the community grow!

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