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Rang710 Random Server
Vote Voter pour nous
IP du serveur
Statut Unknown
Dernière PingMonitoring disabled, to many fails.
Type 2x Smelt 2x Gather Pvp Better loot Better Airdrops Clans Vote WIPED New Newbie
United States
Dernière mise à jour19 Mar 2019
Date d'inscription09 Mar 2019


Welcome to Potato's Bi-Weekly,

Our Goal Here is to have a server Built around community interaction and opinion.
Here everyone has a say in balancing to balance loot tables, When Helis spawn in, What Server Event is wanted, and most importantly when a player has gone too far in terms of Toxicness. We have a custom built discord bot who can do commands like !players, and ingame /report feature which sends a report straight to an admin in discord!

To Join:

1: Press f1
2: Type client.connect

Main Server Modifications Include:

✪ 10k Stack size on Resources
✪ 5k Stack size on Compontents
✪ 500 Ammo Stack
✪ 5 Meds Stack

Our Server Features Paid mods like:

✪ Clans Reborn
✪ Dynamic Share ( Allows Instant Auth on Turrets, Doors, TCs, and Anything with a code lock on it.)

Moreover, We have the awesome plugins:

✪ BGrage
✪ Trade
✪ Raid Block
✪ TPs & Homes
✪ 1/2 Craft
✪ 1/2 Smelt
✪ Kits & Starting Gear
✪ Better Air Drops
✪ Better Loot
✪ 2X Gather
✪ Furnace Splitter
✪ Bountys
✪ Heli Vote