Cyan Ragnarok Online


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Version Pre Renewal
Type Trans Class Active GMs Balanced Friendly GMs High Rate International PK Unique
Dernière mise à jour19 Jun 2020
Date d'inscription19 Jun 2020


Cyan Ragnarok Online is a unique free to play balanced high rate server developed meticulously to guarantee that you'll experience the best Ragnarok online gaming experience. Here in Cyan RO, we made sure that you will enjoy a fair and unbiased game whether you're a solo player or a team player. We have active GMs and Facebook page community.


Modified PK Server
Transcendent Classes only
Max Levels: 255 (Base) and 100 (Job)
Max Stats: 255
Max Aspd: 196
Insta Cast: 150 Dex
Max storage and gstorage: 1000
Max zeny: 2,000,000,000
Server timezone: GMT +8
Main Language: English
Max party size: 20 members
Max guild size: 20 members
Guild members cap in WoE: 20
Guild alliance is disabled only in WoE
Max char slots per account: 15