Land Of Chaos

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Discord Discord
Version Season 15
Type 30x No Resets Play To Win
Dernière mise à jour09 Sep 2020
Date d'inscription09 Sep 2020

Serveur Info

Hello adventures,

finally, after the long time we're able to offer you the game that every mu-maniac need - balanced, dynamic but long-term content based on Season 15. Our goal is to give you opportunity to fill your guilds, parties, events and fulfill your imaginations about well hosted MUOnline world.
We know what players want because we're actually players - the veterans which remember the game from very beginning.
Every MUOnline player don't want only new server to achieve the goal of being the top-player, every serious player love to compete no matter what, and progress the character to the perfection, that's why we will strongly push our experience into proper PvP and also balanced and long-term PvE - the complete game.
So, my fellow continent guardians, join our forums, discord, whatever you want and help us to develop long time awaited long-term server.