Encore Muonline Season 12 Episode 2 HUN ENG


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Version Season 12
Type 500x Balanced Balanced Pvp Configured Xshop Events Hot Spots Medium Server
Dernière mise à jour06 Jan 2020
Date d'inscription02 Jan 2020
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Version: Season 12 Episode 2
Max Level Regular/Master: 400/800
Exp: x500
Stat/reset: 300
Max Stat: 32.767
Web Market: Buy/Sell items for Wcoin (0% tax)
Reduced Cash shop for maximal gaming experience
Max Connections/PC: 3
Non PvP Map: Arena
Minimap on TAB with marked spot locations
Balanced PvM and PvP. Endgame settings, good PvP experience.
Elf Soldier Max Level: 400
Unique Drop and Boss System
Individual events which you can only accomplish with cooperation.

We have 12 years experience playing Mu Online. We made this server from our best thaughts. Our server works with real Online number 100+ online nonstop. For further information please visit our website’s WIKI.