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Version C6 Interlude
Type Classic No Custom No Donations Nolag c6 craft Pvp
Dernière mise à jour26 Jun 2020
Date d'inscription26 Jun 2020

Serveur Info

Exp/SP : x15
Adena : x7
Drop/Spoil : x7
SealStones : x7
Manor : x1
Auto loot
Raid/Epic bosses are excluded.
Shift+Click on mob
To inspect the drop & spoil chances
Autolearn skills
Divine Inspiration not included
-D/C/B-Grade equipment can be purchased for Adena in shop
-Shops for supplies and character development are located in every city
Craft retail
-A-Grade equipment recipes such as weapons,armors,jewelry are sold via Blacksmith of mammon for adena and ancient adena
-S-Grade recipes are obtainable only from quests
Enchant Rates
-Safe +3
-Max +16
-Regular Scroll Chance 60%
-Blessed Scroll Chance 74%
-Each succesfull enchant decreases the rate of success by 1.5%(progressive)
Full Quests retail
-Gather The Flames (you can also obtain shining bow recipe)
-Multibox - 3 game instances per HWID
Offline Shops
-Quit game after creating a shop in order to enable it.
-Duration of offline shop: 3 days.
-Available for free in every town/village,minimum level required 40.
Seven Sings
-From start of the server
-Available Trader Blacksmith in town
Raids respawn time
-All Normal Bosses: 12 Hour (Random -1h +1h)
Automatic events every day
Retail Geodata and Pathnodes